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Containment systems
  Ysebaert is a designer and manufacturer of containment systems to protect products and people in the fields of nuclear and biology.  
One aim: to protect products and people

The word “containment” literally means “isolation”.
In general, containment involves isolating a danger for the purposes of personal protection, or isolating a vulnerable element so as to shelter it and protect it from its environment.

Containment systems are airtight “boxes” using advanced technology whose shape, materials and dimensions are selected to meet the requirements of a particular application and level of protection.

Protection of peoplenucleaire
This particularly concerns radiation protection, chemistry, toxicology, microbiology and virology, and generally speaking any handling of products with known or presumed risks.

Protection of products
This is for applications in fields including electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and packaging. The products might require protection from dust, oxygen, humidity, biological agents, etc.

Protection of both products and people
This is a combination of the two previous protection types for particularly demanding applications in radiation protection, virology, biotechnology, genetics, etc.

Containment systems – sophisticated products

The term “glovebox” is particularly used in the nuclear industry. There are several models, made from stainless steel, PMMA, polycarbonate, PVC or a mixture of these materials.
Manipulations inside the box are carried out using gloves.

This term is synonymous with glovebox but is used in the biology and pharmacy sectors. Isolators are similar in design to gloveboxes. They are often internally sterile.

Our products

The most common Ysebaert products are :

  • PVC gloveboxes for chemical applications
  • Grade 1, 2 or 3 PMMA gloveboxes for low- or medium-risk applications offering excellent working conditions and visibility
  • Grade 1, 2 or 3 PMMA isolators offering excellent working conditions and a high level of microbiological safety for most applications, in particular biology and life sciences
  • Stainless steel gloveboxes and isolators for the most demanding applications 

 We also offer tailor-made services :

  • Adapting instruments so that they can be used in a containment system
  • Custom-made instrumentation
  • Analysis of secure workstations

Our strengths

The design and manufacture of containment systems requires specific expertise and a perfect knowledge of the conditions in which they will be used, the regulatory restrictions and the specific issues relating to each environment.

Depending on these elements, we recommend:
- Air or inert atmosphere containment systems (using inert gas)
- A leak-tightness class of 1, 2, 3 or 4 as defined in standard ISO 10648-2 depending on the nature and quantity of the products in the system

We also pay particular attention to ventilation and filtration, which offer a guarantee personal safety both during steady-state operation and in degraded mode.

For a full explanation of how our systems operate, see the technical guide


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