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Ysebaert is a designer and manufacturer of containment systems, for security applications in the fields of nuclear, chemistry, biology, microbiology and pharmacy.



Ysebaert, designer and manufacturer of containment systems 

Ysebaert is a French manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience in containment. It designs equipment that uses the most efficient technologies, offering a perfect blend of safety, features and price. 

For all nuclear and security applications in the fields of chemistry, biology, microbiology and pharmacy, Ysebaert has the necessary expertise and resources at hand to provide you with comprehensive, effective, durable equipment. 

Our expertise

  • Protection of people performing an activity that represents a radiological, biological or chemical risk
  • Protection of products or organisms which are sensitive to the environment
  • Creation of microenvironments and secure workstations
  • Provision of a comprehensive range of spare parts and standard components for all types of gloveboxes 

Our resources

We have our own research and development resources and manufacture our products ourselves, meaning that we are in a position to offer our clients:

- Standardised equipment adapted for use in their particular industry sector
- Custom-made equipment to meet a specific need

Our organisation has several departments performing specialised tasks:

- The technical and design departments
- The manufacturing and assembly workshop
- The installation and after-sales service team
- The quality department
- The sales department 

AMS, the analytical instrumentation specialist

Ysebaert is part of the AMS group, the global analytical instrumentation specialist. With its strong external growth policy exemplified in the acquisition of complementary companies, AMS has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automated analytical instruments for public and private laboratories and major industry players, in three major market sectors:

  • Medical
  • Environmental
  • Agri-food

Its activities are represented across the world through the brands AMS, Alliance Instruments, Unity Scientific and Westco Scientific.

Ysebaert takes advantage of synergies within the group to enhance and consolidate its resources in terms of manufacturing, research and development and services.

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